Heli Product Categories

We have a dynamic and modern heli products

Warehouse Equipments
Electric Forklifts (Lithium-ion)
Electric Forklifts (Lead-acid)
Heavy Forklifts
Special Equipments

Heli Features

What makes Heli products different

1. Environmental Friendliness

Zero emission
Low noise
Free of heavy metals
No corrosion
No acid mist volatilization

2. High Efficiency and Energy Saving

2 hours charging meet 68 hours working demand
Highenergy density, self discharging rate lower than 1% per month,
95% energy conversion rate,superior charging and discharging performance
Flexible to charge,easy to operate,no impact on battery life
Unnecessary to change battery,cost saving

3. Maintenance Free

Unnecessary of fluid adding and dust proofing
Daily maintenance Free
Manual maintenance Free

4. Long Service Life

Over 75% capacity reserved after 4000 shifts operation
Longer service life than leanacid battery in equal working condition
5 years or ten thousand hours quality guarantee for high performance

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