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Years in Business


Your Premier Automotive Partner in Tanzania

As part of the Supergroup, boasting a heritage of over 30 years in logistics and agriculture, we are proud to have established strong partnerships with leading customers in the East and Central Africa region.

At SUPERDOLL, we are committed to prioritizing high-quality products and value-added services to enhance our customers’ performance and experience. Our exclusive selection of the world’s best brands under one roof, along with O.E.M. products, value-added services, tire and spare parts management tools, and telematics solutions, ensures efficiency, longevity, and exceptional value for our customers.

A. Seif

Managing Director

SUPERDOLL: Elevating Automotive Excellence

What We’re Offering

Partnering with world renowned Brands

With over 30 years of dedicated service to the Tanzanian market, SUPERDOLL specializes in trailer manufacturing and the distribution of O.E.M. automobile products. Our offerings include top-tier tire brands, original automotive spare parts, garage equipment, power generation solutions, and lifting equipment.